Culture is the shared value by both the enterprise and its employees. Through their actions, words and manners, everyone in Veken from high-level to lower one always maintain, pass on and represent Veken culture that centered around the idea of “reward, development and obligation”, and supply spirit power for the enterprise, also themselves.

During the development of Veken, Veken culture is the thinking essence and witty skills of its employees, and it also is the embodiment of their ideas, will, code of conduct, and the team color.

Culture is knowledge, technology, management, sentiment and ideas, and so on…, which contains all of the intangible elements and intellectual impetus for social improvement. Veken culture is the deep resource for its development, and is the footstone for Centennial Veken, continues and multiplies forever.
                                                                                                                 -quoted out from < veken compendium> Culture

Thanks to the competitive cause, Veken should face to the fierce competition on markets, which forces us to overstep ourselves and challenge to the future. The idea of “dedication, innovation and team-work” is our magic weapon and culture essence.
                                                                                                                 -quoted out from  <veken compendium> spirit
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