Relying on abundant capital, enrich resources and professional team, investment sector wants to construct late-model investment industrial line on “value investment, PE investment, VC investment and information investment”, and create enormous value.
Basing on the solid capital of Veken Group and abundant domestic and foreign marketing resources, Veken Investment Development CO., Ltd. provides Veken Group and cooperative enterprises with comprehensive strategic panning and value added services through merge & acquisition, capital market operation, strategic investment and cooperation, equity investment, PE and new industry investment etc..
Investment Areas
  1、Stock Market Investment: listed company shareholder and financial stock market investment and cooperation etc..
  2、Strategic Investment: strategic investment in firms with sustainable developing capacity, core competitiveness and certain status in the industry; merge and acquisition of industrial projects which coincides with Group development strategy, has great potentiality and high-rate return of investment.
  3、Real estate cooperation: real estate project investment and cooperation like real estate, land, urban reconstruction etc..
  4、New energy material: investment and cooperation in energy and new materials.
  5、Business reconstruction: equity cooperation, enterprise reconstruction, acquisition & reconstruction and industrial cooperation etc..

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