Providing superior room, initiating happy life; Real estate sector has the international level developing aptitude, and 17-year long developing experience of high-grade residential and business real estate.

Company History
Ningbo Veken Real Estate Co., Ltd is one of the four sectors of the "China Top 500 Enterprise" – Veken Holding Group. With the registered capital of RMB50.25 million and total asserts of around RMB2 billion, it owns first-grade profession of real estate development. With the mission of "creating century real estate name and remaining urban development mainstay", devoting to cultivating the three core competitiveness of "Team, Management and Brand", the company is on the road to one of top regional real estate industries.

Since the foundation of 1992, Ningbo Veken Real Estate Co., Ltd has successfully invested real estate projects of "Cuizhong", "Wanxin", "Renfeng", "Taihe Homeland", "City Reflection", "Veken Star" and Veken industrial Zone. The company now has developed into a comprehensive real estate development enterprise with eight project companies of Ningbo, Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai, Cixi, Zhenjiang and a professional Property Management Company. Currently, there are main projects of "Veken•Waterfront Mood", "Veken•Banshan Jiayuan", "Cixi CBD", "Zhenhai Zhaobao Square", "Veken•Waterfront Maple", "Veken•Jiangshan Mingzhou" and "Huai'an Project" etc. under construction. In the 15 years developing history, its total amount of real estate investment exceeds 2 million m2 and the annual total amount of real estate investment exceeds 0.4 million m2 . With over 5 billion gross investment and 163 registered staff, the company ranked 36 in "2008 Top 200 China Real Estate Enterprise Golden Globe Award".
With the objective of "providing high-quality space, advocating pleasing life-style", the core ideology of "Return, development, responsibility", the developing strategy of "basing on Ningbo, radiating to Yangtze River Delta", the operating principle of respecting staff, client, competitor and returning society, together with the developing style of ideological creation, technical innovation and management upgrading, the company has finally created a development environment with staff support, client trust, competitor respect and society recognition.

Organization Frame
Ningbo Veken Real Estate Co., Ltd is the main management part of Veken Holding Group Real Estate sector, dominating eight independent project companies and a property management enterprise. The management sector is mainly responsible for land investment, project planning and supervision to subsidiary companies while the project companies focuses on the operation and practicing of projects.

Brand Annotation
◆ Mission of Veken Real Estate – Providing High-quality Space, Advocating Pleasing Life-style
  1. Providing high-quality space is our business while making people enjoy a pleasing life is our mission.
  2. Providing high-quality space is basement of client's trust and support, which making the basement of our existence and development.
  3. Our product is a component element of society and urban space and making the space more beautiful is our duty and responsibility.
  4. Unless providing high-quality space as product, our name will be labeled with mediocrity and shame.
  Remark: The mission of Veken Group is "Creating Better Life" and as real estate sector, "providing high-quality space, advocating pleasing life-style" is the way to realize mission of Group.

◆ Core value of Veken Real Estate – Keeping Changing and Pursuing for More Satisfactions
  1. Keep improving product quality and pursue for more satisfactions from clients.
  2. Keep optimizing company environment and pursue for more satisfactions from staff.
  3. Keep optimizing social environment of company, pursue for more social satisfactions.
  4. Keep increasing profitability and pursue for more satisfactions from shareholders.

◆ Wish of Veken Real Estate –Remaining Urban Development Mainstay, Creating Century Real Estate Name
For achieving this objective, we must realize:
  1. Make clients' satisfactions as goal and measurement for working and forever remember everything we owned origins from clients;
  2. Cultivate an efficient team made by outstanding and professional management personals and provide them with competitive payment and broad space for development;
  3. Keep learning and professional skills researching and remain the leading position of our research level in the industry;
  4. Keep strong innovation ideology and sense of historical responsibility and guarantee every project is our best outcome of current time;
  5. Keep stable development of our business and realize scale economy;
  6. Remain good relationship among media, government, society and cooperators, so as to achieve first best environment for company development.
  7. Focus on industrial developing trend and consistently optimize our investment and management model to adapt for new environment, so as to gain stable financial income needed by the company.

◆ Advertisement of Veken Real Estate – High-quality Space Pleasing Life

◆ Brand Association of Veken Real Estate – progress or improvement, high-quality, pleasure
Brand Behavior
◆ Keep improving product quality, so as to achieve more satisfactions from clients.
  1. Client is the developing foundation of Veken Real Estate, without whom the company would be existing.
  2. Product quality connotation double meanings of product and service.
  3. Respecting clients is the priority attitude of Veken Real Estate.
  4. Respecting clients implies respecting needs of clients and providing suitable products for them, respecting clients' feelings and improving the communication with clients. We realize the former through our products and the later through our services.
  5. If possible, we would provide clients with their dreaming houses, helping them realize their dreams in advance.
  6. The only way to evaluate our working outcomes is the extent of satisfactions from clients.

◆ Keep optimizing enterprise environment, pursuing for more satisfactions from staff.

  1. Profession, innovation, passion and honest are the most valuable resources of Veken Real Estate;
  2. Building a harmonious and dynamic working environment for staff is everyday work of Veken Real Estate;
  3. Providing staff with fair and equal competing opportunities of development and creating the competing environment of "stronger wins while weaker loses" is the sustainable driving force of Veken Real Estate;
  4. Respecting people and respecting personal willing of staff. Every demission means parting between friends for Veken Real Estate;
  5. Every product is the work of all staff in Veken Real Estate. We encourage the sense of achievement, pursing for career accomplishment.
  6. Study is a part of work as well as a part of life.
  7. The pleasure life advocated by Veken Real Estate embraces pleasing work and pleasing life.

◆ Keep optimizing social environment and pursue for more social satisfactions.

  1. Veken Real Estate is one element of society and it is our duty to shoulder relevant social responsibilities.
  2. Real estate product is a component element of social space and make our real estate product scenery is our social responsibility.
  3. Actively advocating pleasing, health life ideology and building harmonious and friendly interpersonal atmosphere is means to drive social civilization construction as well as the basement of real estate investment.
  4. Pay attention to sufferings in the society and actively take part in social cherishing industries.
  5. Make the client of Veken Real Estate be proud of our social responsibility and contribution.

◆ Keeping optimizing profitability, pursuing for more satisfactions from shareholders

  1. Profit comes from clients' trusts and supports. The precondition of shareholders' satisfactions is clients' satisfactions. We should never reverse order.
  2. profitability improvement relies on the following three aspects:
    (1)Improving product quality and achieve more sales;
    (2)Optimizing enterprise management and lowering cost;
    (3)Developing brand and consistently consolidating the profitability.
  3. Finding the balance point among clients, staff, society and shareholders is difficult, while making shareholders understand the causation relation in it is the key.
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