Regarding the raw materials, factory-trade united export and import, silk screen and resources investment as the corn businesses, its trade net extends all over 150-odd countries and regions in the world; trade sector devotes itself to being a comprehensive and internationalized business group with the coverage business of import & export, factory & trade, goods in future & stock.
Ningbo Veken United Trade Group Co., Ltd., hold by Veken Holding Group, is a specialized international trading, domestic trading and manufacturing enterprise which owns many exclusively-invested and holding subsidiary companies.

Our company is a large industrial group mainly engaged in domestic and foreign trade of fabrics, home textiles and apparel, possessing the integrated capability of weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing and cut and sewing of home textiles and apparel. The company deals in various styles of men's wear, women's wear, kids' wear, apparel accessories, bedding, common and high-grade fabrics, upholsteries, textile materials, electric blankets, luggage, handicrafts, stationery, hardware and electric equipment. It is professional in textile and apparel products C.M.T. (Client Material Tolling), Purchased Material Tolling, Client Sample Tolling and OEM.

The company devotes to creating and providing high quality products and service for domestic and foreign public. Authorized by ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSAS18000 and SA8000 International Accreditation, awarded China AAA Foreign Trade Enterprise, it has its products exported to more than 120 countries and areas. Having stable business relationship with more than 500 overseas customers and more than 300 domestic factories, our corporation operates more than one thousand outlets across the country, selling "Veken" brand products. The domestic market network is covering all parts of china

Based on advanced operational ideology, advantages in talents, capital, brand and marketi, the company keeps rapid and sustainable development. In 2008, the company reached sales income of 3.5 billion and total import & export volume of USD310 million, ranking in China Top 500 Import & Export Enterprises for e years, listed in China Top 100 Exporting Enterprises and China Top 50 Textiles and Apparel Exporting Enterprise. With remarkable performance, it occupies a leading position within Zhejiang Province in terms of import and export volume. Besides "Veken" being China Well-known Export Product Brand and China Well-known Trade Mark, "Veken Home Textile","Veken Blanket", "Veken Decoration Material" have been honored as "China Brand Names".

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