There are five industrial clusters, including home textile, warp-knitting, yarns & threads, knitting and weaving, in Veken Textile sector; which is the domestic-led enterprise in textile industry. Veken Elite(600152)is the first China listed corporation in home-textile industry.
Veken Elite
The company is an industrial group whose leading products are up-market home textile, yarns & threads, knitted garment and fabrics. With developing history of over a hundred years, Veken Elite has sequentially set up inner industrial groups of home-textile, warp, yarns & threads, knitted garments and tatting garments. Ranging from products researching, spinning, weaving, after-finishing, sewing till to domestic selling and foreign trade, it forms the most complete textile industrial chain in China. It annually turns out 5 million Pcs of various home-textile kit, 15 million Pcs of Raschel, 10 million Pcs of up-market knitted garment fabric, 200 million meters of various printed & dyed fabrics and high-grade garment fabrics and 39000 tons of sewing threads, with annual sales exceeding RMB 2.5 billion.

The company is an export-oriented group and also the largest home textile exporter in China. It owns ten industrial entities and two trading firms, within whom 7 corporations are joint ventures, with 70% of the products for direct export to Japan, USA, Europe, Hong Kong and other developed countries and regions, earning around USD 150 million in foreign exchange annually.

The company advocates human priority, emphasizing social benefit as well as economic benefit. Pursuing the ultimate objective of "absorb the essence of fiber technology and create a choice brand of Chinese home textile", it has gained the special honor of three "Chinese Famous Brands" – "Veken Home Textile", "Veken Blanket" and "Veken Decorating Fabric", two "Chinese Famous Exporting Brand" – "Veken" and "Dunhuang", as well as Chinese Well-Known Trade Mark – "Veken". Taking ecological health and sustainable development as management principle, with high social responsibility, the company consistently insists ecological health in every manufacturing detail. Besides ISO9000 quality system accreditation, ISO14001 environmental management system accreditation, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 international green environmental protection accreditation and OHSAS19001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Accreditation, it is the first company in Chinese home textile industry who was entitled with CCIC Ecological Textile Certificate Authentication. Moreover Veken Elite has set an example for focusing on environmental protection as well as product quality in the industrial management system by starting integrated accreditation, namely authentication to the whole process of yarns & threads, textile fabric, home textile, blanket product designing, printing and dyeing, manufacturing and sales.

Position and Development
Veken Elite insists on internationalization strategy. Through the wide multinational cooperation in areas of capital, technology, management, branding, selling network and operating, it aims to become a top internationalized corporation of high-standard, high-quality and high-efficiency.

With the supports of group headquarter, the company aims to strengthen home textile, expand garment scale, improve yarn & thread quality, optimize wrap knitting through adjusting structure, international cooperation, technological improvement, expanding scale and constructing industrial zone, so as to become a 5000-million-sales leading company in Chinese textile industry with advanced products and high efficiency.

Assets And Devices

The company concentrates the quality assets of the former state-owned enterprises of textile in Ningbo, through development and reinvestment, a comprehensive and powerful industrial entity covering spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing and finished product has come into being.

The company is provided with spinning machines totally 200,000 spindles, 260 sets of extra-width jacquard sheeting looms equipped with imported electronic jacquard devices, 150 sets of circular knitting machines, 60 Raschel tricot machines, over 500 sets of printing machines and more than 2000 sewing machines. It reaches international advanced level of 1990s'.

Essence of products

Taking "absorb the essence of fiber technology" as ultimate objective, with high-level R&D team as core competitiveness, Veken Elite maintains a sound R&D system. It owns the national yarns R&D center and the corporate technology center accredited by Zhejiang Provincial Government, responsible for R&D and designing of cotton spinning, thread manufacturing, blanket, home textile, knitting wear and tatting fabric. BY collecting, sorting and issue of technological information, researching on proactive and generic technologies, planning and development on new product, together with technical development departments of subsidiary enterprises responsible for development of utility technologies and new products, it forms an efficient trinity R&D system covering research, manufacture and market, which integrates the whole industry chain as well as increases comprehensive competitor.

While setting out to development new products, Veken Elite has strengthened its cooperation with external partners. It has started technical cooperation with domestic and overseas academic and research institutions and has introduced a good number of domestic and overseas technological and managerial talents. The company insists in the orientation of designing and producing high-quality goods, consistently leading the industrial development.

·Home textile products

The company has the largest production base of extra-width jacquard fabric and Raschel cotton blanket in China, produces 100%cotton high-count jacquard bedding series (fabric clean, delicate, all targets achieving ASTM, AATCC Standard), Tricot Raschel blanket series (warp knitting and fleece-standing technology creates full and flexible fleece-products, especially the national technological advanced coral fleece who were award with invention patent), Chennile jacquard sofa fabric series etc..

·Yarn & threads

The company is the largest production base of sewing thread in Asia and famous domestic production base of combed yarn and dyed yarn. All products are in high quality and various types, passing the accreditation of Oeko-Tex100 international ecological fabrics system. The yarn products entered Japanese up-grade market and Hong Kong market successfully. The main products are as follows: polyester sewing threads series, high-grade color cell threads series, viscose embroidery threads series, 100%cotton high-count yarn series and cotton/resistant dyed yarn series.

·Fabric products

The company regards the after printing & dyeing process as the breaking point, new regenerated premium fiber and new synthetic fiber as developing direction,middle and high grade casual ladies wear/fashion as core products, sets up 5 sectors: Tencel series, imitated Tencel cotton series, Cuprene satin series, Modal series, high-grade deerskin velvet series and functional sports series.

·Knitted garments

Veken knitting has abundant experience and technology accumulation, adjusting production structure, gives full play to its own advantage, forms the acrylic warm-keeping series, functional fiber series, sports/entertainment wear series, children's wear, etc.. Recently, it has succeeded in developing the knitting products with new functional fiber such as Tencel, bamboo fiber、soybean fiber etc.. The company has set up good cooperation relationship with many international giants.


Textile Industrial Zone

While exploiting the international market, Veken Elite has stepped up its cooperation with the world big names and set up strategic cooperative relationship with them. The company has launched joint ventures with Itochi, Marubeni, Koyo, Asahi, Kasei, kabebo, Nisshinbo of Japan and A&E of USA. In addition, it maintains long-term cooperative relationship with Spings and WestPoint of USA.

Carried by five industrial parks, through the advantage complementation, resource sharing, it has formed a quick response system with integrated industrial chains. From the southeast coast to the hinterland, Veken Elite has built a strategic hierarchical platform to undertake the transfer of the international textile industry and to achieve a seamless connection with the world fabric manufacturing industry.

 ·VEKEN Beilun Industrial Zone

Beilun Industrial Zone covers an area of 1 million square meters, and locates in Beilun Jiangnan Export-processing Trade Zone in Ningbo Economy & Technology Development Zone, which is the first batch of national development zones. Sea, land and air transportation facilities, such as Beilun harbor, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, coastal big channel, railway and airport are around or straight to the zone, and provide convenient traffic environment. This industrial zone has been established the world-top and high-quality home textile productive base, and which is the very important supporter to display the superiorities in R&D, marketing, industrial production, and technological management, to activate both the domestic and overseas markets, to cooperate with transnational corporations, to improve internationalization.

Nowadays, in this industrial zone, there is Ningbo Veken Elite Home Textile Co., Ltd., in which are the high-level jacquard fabrics and home textile manufacturing factory with largest scale and most advanced equipments in mainland, and also the national development centre of textile products—"jacquard decorated fabric engineering base"; there is Wide-width Home Textile Branch of Ningbo Veken Elite Group co., Ltd., in which is the first wide-width printing and dyeing productive line in Zhejiang province; there is Bedclothes Branch of Ningbo Veken Elite Group co., Ltd. with China advanced electric blanket productive base; there are the high-class garment manufacturing bases-Ningbo Veken Elite Zhedong Knitted co., Ltd., and Ningbo Veken Elite Dunhuang Knitted co., Ltd.. In addition, there are also four enterprises jointed with Japanese funds, including Nningbo Veken Cotton Textile co., Ltd. that joint-stock with Nisshinbo Industries co., Ltd., and Itochu Corporation; Ningbo KOYO Blanket co., Ltd., with Koyo Senshoku co., Ltd.; Ningbo Veken Silk Screen co., Ltd. with KB Corporation; and Ningbo Notokinu co., Ltd. with Notokinu co., Ltd..

 ·VEKEN Zhenhai Industrial Zone
It coves an area of 500mu, and sits in Ningbo Zhuangshi Industrial Zone, which is the largest sewing threads productive base in Asia with the yearly output of 13000 tons. Its major product "Dunhuang" sewing thread is manufactured by world-class SSM doubling winder made in Switzerland and the double twister from Germany, which stands for the most advanced sewing thread in China, and 70% products are exported to 100-odd countries and areas.

 ·VEKEN Zhejiang industrial zone

It is one of the industrial zones, situated in the city of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, from which its mother company Veken Elite wants to achieve low-cost and cross-regional expansion. In this industrial zone, there is Zhenjiang Veken Elite Cotton Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is reestablished from Jiangsu Zhenjiang Textile Group by both Veken Elite Corporation and Jiangsu Textile Group on Aug 2004; later, it was jointed venture with KB Spinning Cor. (Japan) on Apr 2006. With 86 thousands spindles, and 14000 tons of yearly output, it is medium-sized and high-grade textile enterprise also ranks Jiangsu Textile Key Enterprises and Zhenjiang Top 50 Enterprises Focusing on Cultivating. It mainly manufactures all ratios of combed/carded yarns both cotton and polyester, which are used for knitted and woven both home and abroad.

·VEKEN Jiujiang Industrial Zone

It is seated in Lushan district the city of Jiujiang, Jiangxi province, and covers an area of 200mu. It was remodeled from Jiujiang Third Cotton Printing & Dyeing Factory that specialized in printing and dyeing technologies for 50 years. it masters the after-finishing skills on preshrinking, anti-wrinkle, rubbing and calendaring, and its main products including dyed yarn card, printed plain cloth, dyed and printed jacquard fabric, wax printing fabric, dyed linen and cotton fabric, various specifications of corduroy fabrics, and dyed fabric, etc, 85% of which are exported globally. Thanks to the incorporation of Jiujiang Knitted Garment Group Co., Ltd., the industrial zone completely has the whole set of knitted process including spinning, knitting, dyeing and finishing, sewing, embroidering, printing and becomes a very indispensible for Veken Group, both dyeing & finishing procedure and knitted garment exporting processing.

·VEKEN Huaibei Industrial Zone

Located in the city of Huaibei, Anhui province, it specializes in manufacturing all kinds of printing & dyeing fabrics and top-grade garment fabrics. It is restructured from former state-owned printing & dyeing key enterprise named Huaibei Printing & Dyeing Factory, and is the study base of cotton casual wear printing & dyeing fabric and the green passageway system enterprise of inspection & quarantine for printing & dyeing products. With the yearly output of 100 million meters, its main products are advanced and characteristic cotton, polyester, and T/C fabrics from 44″-63″, 95% of which are exported to 50-odd countries and regions in Europe, America, Japan and Africa.

·VEKEN Huaian Industrial Zone

Sitting in the Qingpu district in the city of Huaian, Jiangsu province, it will be plannedly built to an acrylic blankets and wide-width jacquard home textile productive base. It will cover an area of 500mu, and the first phase would carry out the yearly output of 10 million pieces blankets project, including microfiber blanket, raschel blanket and snow fox fur blanket. It will be the largest blanket and jacquard products base in China, even Asia.

Major Business Bright Future
We inherit tradition to promote human civilization; we gather all talents to excel among peers. Veken is committed to a historic task and noble ideals, summarized as creation of a world first rate enterprise, featuring high standard, quality and efficiency through internationalized operation and technologic progress.

Our age is one of opportunities and challenges. We shall uphold the maxim that "Our future lies in innovation", stride forward in joint hand with the world best companies and make earnest efforts toward the go-global process of Chinese industries.
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