Veken Group always regards social responsibility as its core value; and pursuant to the idea of “reward and obligation”, it tries to realize the coexistence among corporations, partners, society and our natural environment.
Responsible Business Behavior

Veken guarantees its credit and honesty by scientific company management, standard business behaviors as well as abiding by rules, supporting industrial principles and protecting IPR (Intellectual Property Rights).


Responsible cooperative partner

Veken devotes in building an open, win-win strategic cooperative ecological circle, within which values, resources and achievements could be shared. Its cooperative partners distributes over USA, Europe, Japan etc..


Responsible Social Civil

Taking “Green Tax Payer” ideology, as “Ningbo Top 50 Tax Payer Enterprise”, Veken consistently guarantees safe and health of communities and residents through industrial business transferring, industrial upgrading, and protects ecological environment through green, environmental-friendly and low-carbon technologies.


Responsible civil for education and charity
Veken actively devotes in education, establishing Veken academic institution, Veken class and Veken scholarship, which contributes to Chinese educational development. Meanwhile, Veken holds an active attitude towards charity, keep donating to stricken regions and impoverished areas.
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