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  Veken Group Corp. is a diversifying and international industrial group company, which takes textile, real estate and energy industries as mainstay industries, and also devotes on trade and investment. Our products and services are professional and extensive, including yarns & threads, fabrics, garments, home-textiles, battery, residence, commercial plaza, global trade and investment services, with the customers all over more than 150 countries and areas in the world. In the year of 2014, with combined development of trade, real estate, energy and investment industries, the main business income of Veken group reaches 21 billions RMB, the total assets overtakes 18 billion RMB, brand value achieves 8.4 billion RMB, it has listed in the China Top500 Enterprises for the 8th time, and also is ranked in China Foreign Trade Top 500 Enterprises.

  Taking "Reward, Development and Obligation" as its core idea, and regarding "Creating great cause and enjoying future together" as the value orientation of staff, according to the strategic thinking of "research & innovation, brand marketing, and efficient operation", Veken group integrates global resources, makes the three main industries of home-textiles, garments and real estate be stronger and perfect, then improves the new industries on industrial textiles and new energy material, ultimately realizes the magnificent strategic objective of "foundind world-class brand and creating a century-legend VEKEN".
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